How to teach English online and boost your income upto 10X

Teaching English online is among one of the best ways to make money in your free time. Many English teachers are confused about what to do in order to improve their income.

Here i have a question for you:

if you want to make $100 dollars, you could either:

A. Have 10 jobs and make $10 from each job
B. Have 1 job and make $100 from that job

Which would you choose?
Definitely B, as it seems much easier. Right?

However, in reality, many teachers pick A when they take on all of the following to make more money:
  • teaching with ESL company A, B, or C
  • teaching private students
  • freelancing
  • writing books
  • developing online courses
  • having another part time job

Do they earn as much money as they expected? Probably NOT.
Why? Because they are not focused.
When you are not focused, you don’t work as the best version of yourself.
You start your day at 4 a.m., teaching with ESL companies. After a few hours of teaching, you quickly freshen up and head to your part-time job.

Finally finished, you rush home to complete your freelance work.

All of a sudden, you remember your private sessions aren’t prepared.

Once in a while, you realize you still haven’t gotten around to making that video for your online course or writing the last chapter of your book.

Not to mention, you’re probably also spending time to care for family.

Does this sound familiar? How on earth can you perform well in any of the work you are committed to?
Instead, identify the one job that has the highest potential and focus on it to reach your full potential.

James Liu
Founder of Bowei Strategy
Empowering ESL Teachers To Start and Grow Their Own Online Businesses