Studying from home - check out most effective ways

Studying from home, to stay motivated and use your time productively during these unprecedented and challenging times.
We’ve crowdsourced what worked for our global community of learners to help you keep up your progress in the classroom.

  • Take hand written notes

Handwritten notes help you commit more information to memory and make the material easier to understand. – Maxwell Martin  

  • Manage your time 

Make "Have to do", "Should do", and "Want to do" lists and go through them in that order. – Yaroslav Porshnev 

Turn off distracting apps, and focus on study. – Marek

Be input oriented and not output oriented, say I will study 2 h‍ours toda‍y instead of finishing 2 lessons to‍day. – Carlo Favid 

  • Take short breaks 

Use the pomodoro technique–study intervals of 2‍5 minu‍tes, rewarded by 5‍ min‍utes of break. Remember why you are here Remind yourself your goals and focus on it. Reach out to the community if you need help, or are stuck. There are tons of resources shared to help you!

  • Refuel 

Sleep, socialize, watch TV, exercise! With the course go all in, but remember: you can't go anywhere without fuel! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our latest posts to discover more tips and tricks for online learning and working from home.

Source : Udacity