Tips to Teach English Online - Things I wish I had known earlier

I have been teaching online for last 3 years and in spite of the fact that things appear to be going great at the present time, there absolutely was a ton of "getting teeth" when I initially began.

In this article, we will look at some of the tips to teach English online that I wish I had known when I had first begun. From how to set your calendar to evade burnout to nailing your introduction video, this rundown ought to have something for everybody whether or not you're a showing vet or simply beginning the quest for quality online ESL employments.

We should get into it!

Tips to Teach English Online

1. Teach on a platform that has its own materials.

Without a doubt, you can discover sites where you can make your exercise plans and activities without any preparation, yet even with your recently earned TEFL capability, this can be precarious (as I saw as the case!). With this course, you can be presented to a great deal of material that will in time give you more thoughts for how to make your own.

2. Expect to have low income in the beginning.

This is a major reminder for educators who have been in the game some time. They join to a site with their 10-15 years experience. furthermore, set the cost as needs be just to get 0 understudies. 

It requires some investment to fire developing a customer base and getting tolerable audits with the goal that individuals realize you merit your cost. Set your value low for the initial barely any months at that point raise it for new understudies as your notoriety on the site develops.

3. Absent Students

In greater classes, on the off chance that an understudy doesn't turn up, at that point you simply carry on obviously. In a balanced class, in the event that your understudy doesn't turn up, at that point there is no class and you should be arranged how you will deal with this circumstance. 

For understudies who routinely miss class, you might need to set a "no-discounts approach" and charge for your time (all things considered, you turned up and accomplished the prep work.) That being stated, in the event that it's another understudy or somebody with a troublesome circumstance, at that point letting them free might be the better alternative on the off chance that you need to keep them long haul. 

4. Reinforcement of your Backup 

This is an innovation game. In contrast to this present reality, on the off chance that your innovation bombs here, at that point there is no class. Ensure you have a reinforcement pair of earphones/mouthpiece. 

Additionally investigate a reinforcement Internet association if conceivable. In any event ensure there is an approach to convey to your understudy by means of your portable if your Internet goes down. 

5. Become accustomed to free discussion. 

Talking is the region the vast majority of my understudies need to rehearse. The greater part of them are extraordinary at self-consider and have the other center regions arranged however a ton of them battle to discover approaches to work on talking and need somebody to check their articulation. Consider this while making exercise plans. 

I've begun asking new students in the class, how much free discussion they might want to do in class and a great deal are stating between 30 to 50% of the class time! 

6. Think about teaching English on multiple platforms

A few sites will need to utilize you solely and this can be decent for steadiness. For different sites however they are upbeat for you to instruct on different stages as long as it doesn't conflict with your classes on theirs. Figure out how to synchronize these up effectively in your schedule and this is an incredible method for "not tying up your resources in one place".

7. Nail the introduction video.

It is common practice for teaching platforms to ask for an introduction video. This is a chance for a potential student to get an idea for who you are and most websites also give guidelines and tips so read and do what they say.  
Pro tip – just search “teacher intro video” on Youtube for inspiration!

You know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a video is worth a million! Don’t be nervous though as this is essentially  a way of making the perfect first impression. Messed up your words? Record it again. Did you come across as too quiet? Record it again. Think you can do better? Then record it again! I scripted and practiced mine until it was polished (but not robotic!)

8. Retention

You need to know that not all of your students will stick around forever. There are some you will make great friends with and teach for years. There are however some who are in it for a very short-term goal as well (e.g. exam preparation). Be prepared for this by actively working to get new students and keeping your regular students as happy as possible.

9. Know student’s needs

This one is so significant. Each understudy has their own objectives and purposes behind learning English and you should assist them with hitting that objective else they will go somewhere else. How would you discover what they need? Straightforward, ask them! 

10. Know the payment method on before joining

This is another that changes from stage to stage. Ensure you discover how and when you get paid. To give a model, I teach on 3 platforms. One of them pays me month to month, one of them pays me week after week and one of them pays me following the exercise is affirmed. Ensure whatever framework is set up it works for you.

Bonus: Invest in Your Teaching Space

Teaching is so a lot simpler when you have the correct hardware – numerous online platforms will specify that you have quality equipment like headsets and webcams, however different things like whiteboards and props are significant while delivering classes. Likewise, a legitimate work area with great lighting won't just guarantee that you are seen unmistakably, yet additionally pass on an expert appearance to your students.

I hope this article is helpful for you. If you like it, kindly share with your fellow teachers.